Pentingnya Latihan Soal dan Bimbingan dari Trainer Terakreditasi untuk Ujian CPDSE ISACA

Ujian CPDSE (Certified Practitioner in Data Science and Engineering) dari ISACA menjadi landasan yang penting bagi para profesional Data Science yang ingin mengukur kemampuan mereka dalam disiplin ilmu ini. Persiapan yang efektif melalui latihan soal dan bimbingan dari trainer terakreditasi memiliki peran krusial dalam meraih keberhasilan dalam ujian CPDSE.

1. Kompleksitas Materi Ujian:

  • Ujian CPDSE mengevaluasi pemahaman dalam berbagai aspek Data Science dan Engineering. Latihan soal membantu kandidat memahami format ujian dan merancang strategi efektif, sementara bimbingan dari trainer terakreditasi mendukung pemahaman konsep-konsep kunci.

2. Memahami Format Ujian:

  • Latihan soal membiasakan kandidat dengan format pertanyaan ujian yang sebenarnya, membantu mereka mengelola waktu dengan efisien. Bimbingan dari trainer memberikan wawasan tentang pendekatan yang tepat dalam menjawab setiap pertanyaan.

3. Evaluasi Pemahaman Mendalam:

  • Latihan soal memberikan kesempatan untuk mengukur tingkat pemahaman materi ujian. Hasil dari latihan ini membantu kandidat dan trainer mengidentifikasi area-area yang perlu ditingkatkan.

4. Persiapan Psikologis:

  • Ujian CPDSE dapat menciptakan tekanan psikologis. Melalui latihan soal, kandidat dapat membangun kepercayaan diri dan mengatasi kecemasan. Bimbingan dari trainer dapat memberikan dukungan moral dan strategi pengelolaan stres.

5. Panduan Persiapan yang Tepat:

  • Latihan soal memberikan petunjuk persiapan yang spesifik, membantu kandidat untuk fokus pada area-area kunci. Bimbingan dari trainer terakreditasi memastikan persiapan sesuai dengan standar ISACA, menjaga kualitas dan integritas sertifikasi.

6. Kepatuhan dengan Standar Etika:

  • Latihan soal dan bimbingan dari trainer terakreditasi memastikan bahwa persiapan kandidat mematuhi standar etika dan kebijakan ujian ISACA. Hal ini memastikan bahwa proses persiapan dilakukan dengan integritas tinggi.

Kesimpulan: Latihan soal dan bimbingan dari trainer terakreditasi dalam persiapan ujian CPDSE tidak hanya meningkatkan peluang sukses kandidat dalam ujian, tetapi juga memastikan bahwa profesional Data Science memiliki pemahaman mendalam tentang konsep-konsep kunci dalam disiplin ilmu ini. Investasi ini bukan hanya untuk meraih sertifikasi, tetapi juga untuk membangun dasar pengetahuan yang kokoh dalam bidang Data Science dan Engineering.


1. In the United States, which of the following best describes a subject’s own PII elements that the subject is required to protect?

      All PII as described by the US Data Protection Act

      Social Security number, bank account numbers, credit card numbers

      Bank account numbers, credit card numbers


2. At which point in the SDLC should a PIA be performed?

      Before requirements are developed

      After requirements are developed

      After implementation

      Before QA testing

3. For reasons unknown, an organization’s executive management refuses to deliberate or make a decision regarding a particular privacy risk that the chief privacy officer has identified. What risk treatment is being carried out in this situation?

      Risk ignorance

      Risk transfer

      Risk avoidance

      Risk acceptance

4. A data architect is developing a visual model that shows how information is transmitted among systems. What kind of a visual model has the data architect created?

      Data flow diagram

      Data architecture

      Entity-relationship diagram

      Network diagram

5. Which of the following methods is used to develop a machine-readable web services definition?





6. A typical VPN solution will protect endpoints from which of the following threats?

      Buffer overflow

      Credential stuffing

      Ping of death

      Network eavesdropping

7. An organization has been donating EOL laptop computers to local schools for years. In the past, the organization would degauss laptop HDDs to remove sensitive information. Now that laptops contain SSDs instead of HDDs, which of the following methods remains effective for removing sensitive data?

      Secure erasure


      SSD removal


8. Infrastructure as a service refers to:

      Leasing operating systems from a service provider

      Outsourcing application management to a service provider

      Outsourcing operating system management to a service provider

      Leasing computing hardware for use in a colocation facility

9. A cybercriminal group stole PII from a telephone company’s customer database and used the information obtained to open unsecured credit accounts in the names of the telephone company customers. What crime(s) has the cybercriminal group committed?

      Toll fraud

      Data theft

      Data theft and identity theft

      Identity theft

10. Which of the following is the best SLA for deploying critical security patches in a production environment that processes personal information?

      30 days

      24 hours

      7 hours

      7 days

11. What is the main purpose of a data classification program?

      Determine how long the most sensitive data has been stored.

      Discover where the most sensitive data is being stored.

      Enable automatic tagging of sensitive information.

      Enable the workforce to recognize and protect data accordingly.

12. An organization defines the roles “owner” and “steward” with regard to decisions about its databases containing personal information. Which of the following is NOT an appropriate responsibility for the role of owner?

      Review of access roles

      Physical database design

      Approval of access requests

      Logical database design

13. Which of the following personnel is responsible for the accuracy of customer PII in an organization’s database?

      Business unit leader

      Database administrator

      Chief privacy officer

      Application developer

14. A data privacy officer in a financial services organization is developing a data classification policy. What audience in the organization should be informed of the new policy once it is completed?

      All workers

      Database administrators

      Customer-facing workers

      IT workers

15. A document that describes steps to be performed within a privacy program is known as a:




      Privacy policy

16. Despite statements to the contrary in its external privacy statement, an organization intends to sell its customer list to a data brokerage. Which principle of privacy is likely to be violated if this transaction is completed?

      Data use limitation

      Data leakage

      Data sovereignty

      Data minimization

17. All of the following are important considerations in an application data migration EXCEPT:

      Availability of sufficient storage space on the destination system

      Proper transformation of data values when they are expressed in different ways

      Understanding any differences in meaning between similar source and destination fields

      Understanding any differences in the DML between the source and destination systems

18. A service provider that stores and processes sensitive information for corporate customers employs an annual SOC 2 Type 2 audit. What additional information is needed so that recipients of the SOC 2 audit reports understand whether privacy is addressed during the audit?

      Whether the SOC 2 audit includes the Privacy principle

      Whether the SOC 2 audit report is up-to-date

      Whether exceptions were encountered during the audit

      Whether the recipient has permission to read the SOC 2 audit report

19. An organization has a transaction processing application that contains a very large database with a low transaction rate. Which of the following is the best option for providing the ability to recover the database to an earlier point in time?

      Export to flat file

      Backup to magnetic tape



20. An online and storefront retail organization has an extensive transaction history spanning many years that shows all of the purchases that customers have made. Potential uses of this transaction data include all of the following EXCEPT:

      Machine learning to identify privacy violations

      Data analytics to improve inventory management

      Data analytics techniques to monetize the data and increase future sales

      AI techniques to set more competitive prices

21. What is the relationship between security and privacy requirements and an application’s test plan?

      Each requirement should be verified through testing.

      There is no relationship; each is independent of the other.

      Only requirements that can be tested via automation should be tested.

      High risk requirements should be included in the test plan.

22. The purpose of an internal privacy policy is:

      To define expected behavior regarding the protection and use of personal information

      To inform regulators about their privacy rights and remedies

      To establish a position of compliance with applicable privacy laws

      To inform customers and constituents about their privacy rights and remedies

23. Which of the following techniques is NOT effective at destroying data on an SSD?





24. In violation of its own privacy policy, an organization is selling customer data to other companies to increase revenue. This violates what privacy principle?

      Data minimization


      Basis for processing

      Data use limitation

25. The chief characteristic of PII and natural persons is:

      PII enables information to be associated with specific natural persons

      Natural persons are able to update their PII.

      Natural persons are able to delete their PII.

      Privacy laws enable organizations to store PII.

26. What is the main difference between a data warehouse and a data lake?

      A data lake is a structured data store; a data warehouse consists of data stores in their native formats.

      A data warehouse is a structured data store; the content of a data lake consists of data stores in their native formats.

      A data lake is a collection of data warehouses.

      A data warehouse is a collection of data lakes.

27. What is the purpose of a visible data classification indicator on a document?

      Indicates the document has been properly handled

      Reminds personnel of the document’s classification level

      Is readable by automated data loss prevention tools

      Indicates the document has been inventoried

28. LAMP is the common acronym related to:

      Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

      Least access management practice

      Linux, Atlassian, MySQL, and Python

      Red Hat, Apache, MySQL, and Python

29. An auditor is preparing an audit plan of an organization’s data subject request (DSR) process. From which set of information should the population of DSRs be selected?

      The record of incoming requests

      The DSR metrics

      The database containing stored requests

      The record of completed requests

30. The most common and consistent message imparted in privacy training and awareness programs is:

      The IT security department is responsible for the protection of personal information.

      All workers are responsible for the protection of personal information.

      The IT department is responsible for the protection of personal information.

      The privacy department is responsible for the protection of personal information.

31. Which of the following privacy laws requires a “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” feature on an organization’s web site?

      General Data Protection Regulation

      California Confidential Privacy Act

      Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

      California Consumer Privacy Act

32. What is the best approach for an organization to define PII?

      Identify applicable privacy laws and their definitions of PII.

      Use the definition from Article 5 of the GDPR.

      Use the definition from Article 4 of the GDPR.

      Use guidelines from ISO 27001/27002.

33. An organization is updating its data retention schedule to include electronic records. What differences in retention between paper records and electronic records should be established?

      Each circumstance is different and must be decided case by case.

      Electronic records should be retained for one year longer than paper records.

      No differences should be made in retention between electronic and paper records.

      Paper records should be retained for one year longer than electronic records.

34. The act of making a decision to accept or mitigate a risk is known as:

      Risk treatment

      Risk management

      Risk mitigation

      Risk reductiıon

35. What is the purpose of input field sanitization in a web application?

      Protect endpoint from exploitation.

      Block input field attacks.

      Perform range checking on input data.

      Perform type checking on input data.

36. In most industries, which of the following is considered an adequate level of paper document destruction?


      Placement in secure disposal bins

      Strip-cut shredding

      Cross-cut shredding

37. A data architect wants to create some diagrams that will visually depict the structure of data in a database. What kind of a diagram should the data architect produce?

      Warnier-Orr diagram

      Database schema

      Data flow diagram

      Entity-relationship diagram

38. Data analysts in an organization are struggling with the creation of business rules regarding employee data that resides on several different systems with no central authority. What should data analysts strive to do in this situation?

      Select one of the systems as the system of record.

      Implement data tagging to trace the flow of data.

      Build a data flow diagram to depict data flows.

      Build an entity-relationship diagram to depict schemas.

39. A program designed to make decisions and be aware of the results of those decisions for further improvement employs:

      Recursive learning

      Feedback loops

      Artificial intelligence

      Machine learning

40. In a private organization, which workers are typically held responsible for the protection of personal information?

      IT security

      IT department

      All workers

      Privacy department

41. A risk manager has created a spreadsheet that contains a list of security- and privacy-related concerns, along with potential remedies. What is the formal name for this spreadsheet?

      Risk register

      Privacy wish list

      Risk analysis

      Risk assessment

42. As a way of shifting costs away from capital spending, an organization is devising a “lift-and-shift” strategy whereby it will be leasing virtual machines from a cloud provider and discontinuing use of its own server hardware. What type of a cloud service is being considered?





43. What privacy- or security-related disadvantage is introduced through the offering of a choice of IDEs in an organization?

      Undetected intrusion into developer’s workstation

      Inconsistent compilation

      Greater risk of ransomware attack

      Security inconsistencies in source code and a potential lack of key security features

44. An organization is considering changing the configuration of its laptop computers to require VPN every time they are used to connect to non-company networks. Which of the following use cases is likely to be problematic?

      Gigabit broadband that is faster than the corporate Internet connection

      Employee using in-flight network

      Employee using home network with firewalls

      Employee working offline with no connectivity

45. The Do Not Track feature in most web browsers:

      Is a feature present in virtually all browsers

      Is used voluntarily by organizations

      Legally enforces privacy laws

      Legally requires that organizations not track visitors

46. Which of the following best describes a data lake?

      A storage system containing structured and unstructured data

      An integrated database containing data from multiple sources

      A collection of native format files, both structured and unstructured

      A data specification representing the merge of multiple schemas

47. Which of the following terms correctly refers to the practice of implementing multiple isolated application instances in an operating system?



      Bare metal computing

      Process isolation

48. The new privacy officer in an organization wants to be involved earlier in the development of new business offerings and services. The privacy officer wants to understand the implications on customer privacy for these new activities. What specific activity is the privacy officer advocating?

      Privacy impact assessment

      Qualitative risk assessment

      Business process change management

      Risk assessment

49. An organization’s marketing team wants to combine it customer data from various sources to create a database with additional PII for each customer in one place. This process is known as:

      Building a data lake




50. To be included in an organization’s marketing campaigns, the basic nature of consent as defined by the GDPR is:

      Persons are automatically opted in.

      Persons can never be opted in.

      Persons are automatically opted out after one year.

      Persons must explicitly opt in.

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